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Pillows and Coverlets

Our company ООО «Garbus Trade» реализует pillows and blankets in Tashkent, and also exports these products to many countries of the world, including Russia, Turkey and China. Pillows and blankets are made of safe, environmentally friendly and modern materials that undergo strict quality control. Our products are distinguished by a decent level of comfort and reasonable price.

From time immemorial pillows in Tashkent were stuffed with cotton wool, because of what they became unbearable and could not be washed, which allowed some unwanted representatives of the animal world to savor in them. The same was true for blankets, which were also made of cotton wool and had exactly the same problems. To date, the situation has changed dramatically.

The technical and production base of our company is constantly developing and creating modern materials that qualitatively change the very essence of pillows and blankets, while remaining convenient for a full rest.

The main differences of our products:
First, all our products are provided in a wide range (on the pages of our site you can see the types of pillows and blankets that we offer);
Secondly, we sell pillows and blankets in Tashkent (cushions of 10000 UZS per piece, and blankets from 43000 UZS);
Thirdly, all materials are environmentally friendly.

Blankets and pillows made of modern materials very quickly replaced and replaced the usual wadded cotton in Uzbekistan and there is reason:
– artificial fibers are more durable;
– – artificial fillers are easily erased and quickly dry;
– after washing, modern materials retain their color;
– In synthetics, bedbugs, fungi, lice, mites and other parasites are never found;
– Synthetics of hypoallergen, does not cause irritation and suffocation;
– Synthepan blankets are soft, light, elastic and pleasant to the touch;
– artificial fillers retain heat well;
– Synthetic water repellent;
– and the last, synthetic does not absorb extraneous odors and in due course will not unpleasantly smell (like its cotton counterparts).

By purchasing a synthetic blanket you will get a soft, pleasant to touch, warm and light blanket. And synthetic blanket will serve you for many years, without causing you no allergic reaction and your sleep will be deep and calm.

To order pillows and blankets in bulk  you can right now, for this there is an “online application form” that you need to fill out. After that, the manager will contact you to discuss all the nuances and you can safely draw up the documents. We offer only high-quality products and on favorable terms for you. Your order will be delivered at the exact time and place.



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