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— Antibacterial
— Long-lived
— Repellent
— Don’t burn, even in the fire
— Don’t rot

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We produce the following consumer goods in Tashkent: mats in front of the door (door or entrance), mats for the bathroom and toilet. They are not only convenient and practical, but also with due care will serve you for many years. We offer a large selection of rugs and the best value for money.

A mat in front of the door – is a product that detains dirt, sand and other debris. Pridvernye rugs at first glance, the usual familiar detail of the interior, but it is not so. They carry not only a mud protection function, but also an aesthetic one. Agree that if a bright beautiful mat rests on the threshold of your house, it will certainly raise your spirits. If the rug lies at the entrance to the office and the logo of your company is stamped on it, the rug will work as an advertisement and will draw attention to the name of your company from the very threshold.

Entry mats on the rubber base do not deform with time, they are resistant to erasure and do not need special care. They should be cleaned from time to time or washed with a brush under running water.

Mat in the bathroom or toilet – — this product differs from the door mat in that it has an increased moisture resistance and does not react to sudden temperature changes. Mats for the bathroom do not slide on the wet floor, and they are washed in the washing machine. And also they are more gentle and soft, they quickly absorb moisture and are not afraid of stains from household chemicals. Therefore, it is not recommended to use entrance mats in the bathroom.

Mats in front of the door and rugs in the bathroom / toilet have the following characteristics:
— sufficiently high dirt-protective properties;
— environmentally friendly and hinder the development of fungi;
— water repellent;
— Do not burn in a fire;
— high abrasion resistance;
— convenient operation;
— simple care.

An attractive wholesale price for national consuming goods is far from the last positive factor, so that you make a choice in favor of our company. We also offer a choice of sizes and a different color range of rugs in front of the door and into the bathroom. All products are produced in-house, certified and practical.

Ordering national consuming goods is a simple task. To do this, you need to make an order from us by filling out an online application. You will not need to go shopping and waste time. We do not limit you in choosing and implementing the above-described consumer goods in bulk in any amount.



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Shaira Makhmudova
 Me, as every young mother, always very tired. It’s good that even cleaning the floor does not take my time! With carpet process of keeping floor clean is very simple – you can just vacuum it and sometimes brush it. At the same time, it looks great and keeps the floor warm, so my kids can play on it. I recommend it to everyone!
Rustam Niyazov

To have successful business, reliability should exist between partners. Efficiency, coherence of actions, punctuality, ability to produce big volumes of product, high quality, acceptable prices, flexible system of discounts and big range of delivery and installation services. Just order and relax.

Gulnara Azimova
 In moving period from one office to another, firstly we took under consideration carpet coverlings. We were admonished that carpeting is best solution for our office. Don’t lose color, time of keeping its form is more than ordinary carpets, heavy things can not make this carpets to lose its form. The best choice for offices.
Jamshid Masapaev
 Working in a trading sphere, you should have good producer, with any volume of goods, but also it should do its best to provide the product on time. Also, documents and certificates should be available from the producer side. Our choice Garbus trade making our footer bright.