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As we know from time immemorial, a person insulating his home first laid the skins of killed animals on the floor. With the development of weaving, fabric and wool carpets appeared. And today, carpet has become very popular, which compares favorably with carpets with its low cost, especially compared to wool carpets.

Carpet – эis a floor covering, which covers the entire room. It is due to its base and air layer, which is formed in the fleecy part, can serve not only the decor of the room, but also a good soundproofing and excellent heat insulator.
The carpet has an unlimited length (therefore it is also called a “roll carpet”) and a fixed width. It can be monophonic or with a uniformly repeated pattern. This is done specifically so that you can easily join the pattern in the cut parts of the cover, if you want to add it, for example, to the width. All this allows you to cover the floors of absolutely any sizes and shapes.

Carpeting in Tashkent has gained immense popularity, as in most countries of the world, because of its undeniable advantages over carpets. These advantages include:
• practicality (he is unpretentious in care and can serve without losing his qualities for at least 10-15 years);
• Simplicity when laying (for carpet we do not need special preparation of the floor; it is either glued to the floor, glued to the whole perimeter, or fastened with clamps, and sometimes simply put as a carpet and fixed only near the doorways);
• has antibacterial properties;
• fire safety (especially for artificial carpets);
• Affordable price (even the most expensive carpet of wool still costs much less than a similar carpet).

If you decide Carpet Coverings in Tashkent, then we bring to your attention our high-quality products that do not rot, burn in fire, absorb dust and repel water.

Our company ООО «Garbus Trade» Carpeting in Tashkent  are made of the following types:

1. Natural Carpeting:
– felt carpet is a felt-based carpet, does not have high wear resistance, and therefore it is stuck in bedrooms or offices with little patency;
– fabric carpet;
– woolen carpet – the most expensive for all carpeting.

2. Synthetic Carpeting:
– Carpet from nylon;
– Carpet from polyester;
– Carpet from alekin;
– Carpet with polyacryl..
All artificial carpets differ in their increased wear resistance, uniformity, they withstand great mechanical stresses and that are of no small importance immune to bacteria, parasites and fungi.
You can Order Carpeting in Tashkent for this you will only need to fill out the “Online Application Form”. Our company LLC “Garbus Trade” sells carpet in bulk at a very reasonable price from 12000 sum per 1 sq.m.



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Shaira Makhmudova
Me, as every young mother, always very tired. It’s good that even cleaning the floor does not take my time! With carpet process of keeping floor clean is very simple – you can just vacuum it and sometimes brush it. At the same time, it looks great and keeps the floor warm, so my kids can play on it. I recommend it to everyone!
Rustam Niyazov

To have successful business, reliability should exist between partners. Efficiency, coherence of actions, punctuality, ability to produce big volumes of product, high quality, acceptable prices, flexible system of discounts and big range of delivery and installation services. Just order and relax.

Gulnara Azimova
 In moving period from one office to another, firstly we took under consideration carpet coverlings. We were admonished that carpeting is best solution for our office. Don’t lose color, time of keeping its form is more than ordinary carpets, heavy things can not make this carpets to lose its form. The best choice for offices.
Jamshid Masapaev
 Working in a trading sphere, you should have good producer, with any volume of goods, but also it should do its best to provide the product on time. Also, documents and certificates should be available from the producer side. Our choice Garbus trade making our footer bright.

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