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Geotextile is a product that belongs to geosynthetics and is produced in two types: geotextile woven and non-woven. Geotextile woven fabric (geotextile) is made of polyester fibers and is obtained by interlacing the fibers in a special rectangular manner. Geotkan possesses high strength and water resistance, it practically does not lend itself to deformation. The tensile strength is 100 kN per 1 m of width of the web. Geotextile nonwoven fabric is produced by needle-punched, hydro-bonded or thermo-bonded methods. The strongest is geotextile made from 100% polypropylene yarn produced by needle-punched method. And so it is used in the construction of highways, roofs and foundations of buildings, runways, laid under the paving slab and much more. To order geotextiles wholesale in our company LLC “Garbus Trade” can be in any volume, as we guarantee in time delivery of the highest quality products. Here are the most important properties of geotextiles: 1. environmentally friendly material. During operation, it does not form harmful substances, and after it has served its term, it can be sent for recycling. 2. High isotropy, elasticity and thermal conductivity allows the canvas to withstand relatively small deformations rather solid loads. 3. Durable, durable and easy to use. 4. When laying has a small percentage of damage, sufficiently resistant to tears and punctures, and with local damages the web does not collapse and retains its functions.5. High filtration ability does not absorb moisture and water. Water passing through the geotextile is not delayed, however, solid particles are not passed, and the pores themselves are not clogged. 6. Applicable from -60 to +120 degrees Celsius. Geotextiles in Tashkent are widely used due to their technical characteristics and are used in the following sectors: • in agriculture (melioration, drainage system, hanging greenhouses, protection of plants from weeds, etc.); • in the construction of railways, a / m roads and runways; • in hydraulic structures; • in the construction of pipelines, tunnels, garbage dumps, etc .; • in the production of furniture (padding furniture and mattresses); • in medicine (bed-clothes and disposable clothing made of double-layer thermo-bonded geotextile); • in the oil and gas industry; • and others (when reinforcing slopes, making packages, bags for clothes, shoes, equipment, etc.). You can order geotextiles in Tashkent at our company LLC “Garbus Trade” by filling in the “Online Application Form”. We guarantee that the geotextile manufactured in our company is of the highest quality and meets all the requirements of such products.



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